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We stayed at the Petit Casset on June 13, 2009. We were very comfortable and the hosts were very nice. Something really weird happened. Just before 10PM, we looked outside and saw this statue moving up and down. At first my wife saw it and though she was tired and seeing things. I saw it too. It was interesting to see. First time for us seeing a statue move. At ten when the lights went off it stopped. I went to see if I could figure this out but I couldn't. The next morning I mentioned this at front desk not knowing what reaction I would get. Then the janitor told me she saw something too and was glad someone else saw it too. I wonder if someone else saw it too.

Can't wait next year to return to see if I can see it again.

The Inn was a bit far from Lyon but easy to find. The breakfast was delicious and worth wile since the Inn is outside of town. Also nice swimming pool. It merits having the number one position in Lyon. Very nice. Enjoy.

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